Our Expertise


All types of property, including commercial, industrial, retail, and tourist facilities for mortgage lending, capital gains, accounting and insurance purposes.

Valuations for Insurance Purposes

Providing detailed assessments of total reinstatement for all types of property improvements and plant by adopting quantity surveying methods.

Plant, Machinery and Fine Art Valuations

Including detailed and updated asset registers provided as required.

Property Management and Portfolio Consulting

Income maximisation, location analysis and general property related advice.

Valuations for Accounting Purposes

Enabling our corporate and Government clients to record the value of their assets for financial reporting functions in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards and the Corporations Law.

Development and Project Consultancy

Including feasibility studies, market research, cost/benefit analysis and advice on marketing strategy.

Asset Registers

Reflecting cost centres, area index, make, model, serial numbers, application, deprecation, replacement with new value and accounting value. Assets are tagged if required.